Teaching Scholarships in Georgia

Becoming a teacher in Georgia can be incredibly satisfying for students who are not only smart, but have a passion for helping others. Teaching is a career that takes nearly as much patience and common sense as it does trained skill, and it's not a career that suits everyone. Many teachers, especially those who teach students with special needs, leave the field within their first five years. It might be disingenuous to call teaching a “calling” but it's certainly not out of line to call it a vocation. If teaching is something you're passionate about, and you think you've got what it takes to commit for the long haul, it may be just the field for you.

This is a particularly tricky time to enter the education field in Georgia. As our education system has become more politicized, and as public sector workers have been painted with a very broad brush, there are many people who feel that teachers are to blame for our current education system. Any only article even remotely related to teaching will have scads of scathing comments about public school teachers. It can be tough to read, especially for young teachers who are just starting out. In addition to having skill, patience, common sense, a sense of humor and an ability to hold his or her bladder all day, teachers need to enter the classroom with a thick skin.

It's also not the ideal time to join the field unless you've chosen to specialize in math, science, technology or special education. Highly qualified (meaning: you have a degree in your subject, in addition to a teaching license) teachers in these areas are in demand nationwide. General education teachers, reading teachers, social studies teachers and special area teachers (for gym, art or music) are not as in demand. Even if you are hired to fill one of these positions, teachers are frequently considered probationary for their first three to five years of service, and may be laid off or fired for any reason, and with no notice.

Teaching is a great career, even with all its challenges and uncertainties, and there is nothing so rewarding as seeing a child figure out a tough new skill for the first time.

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Name Amount
2023/2024 College Scholarship $1,000
Sponsored: There is no GPA requirement and no essay to write!
HOPE Promise Teacher Scholarship $1500-$3000
Applicant must be accepted for enrollment into an apporved teacher education program in Georgia leading to initial certification. The maximum award is $3,000 for the junior and senior years.