Poetry Scholarships

Whether you have a passion for reading and composing poetry or are inclined towards writing, poetry scholarships will not only help you recognize your talent but also get a jump start in your literary career.

If you are interested in linguistics, creative writing or literary courses, specialized poetry scholarships is a great opportunity to turn your writing muse into a positive step towards building your career. Having an edge in poetry writing can not only help you score a scholarship, but also strengthen your portfolio for any professional experience in the future.

Poetry scholarships are usually awarded looking at a writer’s unique collection of work or to the winners of writing competitions that invite poetry enthusiasts to submit their work on different topics and themes. Aside from thematic poetry, writers can also submit lyrics or renditions for songs or tabloids. Private scholastic institutions, colleges and community groups offer an array of poetry scholarships to those with excellence in composing poetic works.

Eligibility Criteria

While having a background in writing will definitely improve your chances, most poetry scholarships are dependent upon individual skills and creativity and are thus ideal for those with a penchant for reading and writing poetry.

Applying for Writing Scholarships – Resources that Will Help You

It is important to research about the different poetry scholarships available out there to improve your chances of winning one. Some poetry scholarships require you to submit your work on a specific theme and the winning applicants are awarded cash prizes. On the other hand, few scholarships are designed to recognize gifted writers with a flair for composing poetry and help them get the funding necessary for paying their college tuition and other expenses. Apart from poetry writing, the scholarship may also take into consideration your complete portfolio with emphasis on different genres of writing.

Participation in poetry competitions or courses on literature in the past can also make your portfolio more impressive and give you an edge over the competition. You can also enroll in specific writing courses to polish your skills and improve your writing portfolio for consideration.

Career Opportunities and Jobs Outlook

For those with a poetic soul, creative as well as scholastic writing are some of the best career choices out there. With poetry scholarships, you can find a direction for your career and find the opportunity to publish your renditions and novels. Writing enthusiasts can also work in challenging positions for print and media journalism. Research is also a good choice for those with a more literary approach to writing, while travel writing and online media is a great choice for those with a creative flair in their writing styles.

With poetry scholarships, you can get recognized for your talent and also find a great alternative for funding your college education without any hassle. Take a look at the handful of poetry scholarships available on schoolsoup.com to make a rewarding choice for your career. You can also find information and resources about the application process and selection criteria here.

Browse Poetry Scholarships:

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Name Amount
2023/2024 College Scholarship $1,000
Sponsored: There is no GPA requirement and no essay to write!
Academy of American Poets Award $100
Awarded to Florida Atlantic University students enrolled in the English Department, who submit the best poem.
Academy of American Poets Prize $100
Awarded by the Academy of American Poets. For more information https://www.poets.org/
Amon Liner Poetry Award Varies
Awarded to the winner of the poetry prize.
Arlene F. Steinberg ’71 Award Varies
Awarded to the junior or senior English major who best shows evidence of scholarly or creative contribution to the understanding of 20th-century fiction, poetry, or drama.
Babette Deutsch ’17 Scholarship Fund Varies
Must be a student who has demonstrated exceptional ability in poetry, criticism, or translation.
Bain-Swiggett Prize Varies
Given for achievement in traditional forms of poetry.
Barbara Winder Award - English Varies
This scholarship will be awarded to the best creative work submitted in the current academic year to the poetry, fiction and playwriting workshops.
Barbara Winder Award - Journalism Varies
This scholarship will be awarded to the best creative work submitted in the current academic year to the poetry, fiction and playwriting workshops.
Dr. John C. Osoinach Memorial Poetry Scholarship Varies
Awarded to deserving students.
Dr. Robert L. Wilson Writing Scholarship for Poets Varies
Awarded to a Shawnee State senior with cumulative GPA 3.0 and major GPA 3.5. Applicants must show clear evidence of poetry writing and submit an essay as to why applicant would be a ...
ScholarshipPoints $10,000 Scholarship $10,000
Sponsored: Thousands available in scholarships this year.
English Department Fiction Prize Varies
The winner of this prize is chosen from among submissions to Z-Platt Almanac , Plattsburgh State’s literary magazine.
Faith Webster Fraser Memorial Poetry Award $100
Any poem previously unpublished (not exceeding 55 lines) written by a student currently enrolled at Hartnell College is eligible for submission. Poems may be humorous or serious. Poems will ...
Gladys A. Paddock Poetry Award Varies
Applicants must be a resident of the TVCC Tax District, an outstanding student in poetry, and a sophomore standing who has full-time status.
Hattie Greene Lockett Excellence Award in Poetry $500
The student who, in the fall of his/her senior year, is judged to have demonstrated the greatest promise as a poet. The selection of the recipient will be made by judges appointed by the ...
Havilah Babcock Poetry Contest Award Varies
Awarded to the student who has written the most outstanding poetry as determined by faculty judges. Not restricted to English majors.
$2,000 "No Essay" Scholarship - Niche $2,000
Sponsored: Open to all students and those planning on enrolling in either 2023 or 2024.
Henry V. Larom Award for Poetry Varies
Awarded to students attending Rockland Community College with exceptional poetic talent who have completed at least 15 degree credits with a 3.5 GPA.
Knickerbocker Award Varies
This award recognizes excellence in non-traditional forms of poetry, such as free and experimental verse.
Leslie Hunt Memorial Poetry Award Varies
The scholarship is for a Western student who submits the most accomplished poem or group of poems. Previously published work is not acceptable. Applicants must submit poetry in typed ...
Margaret Sterling Memorial Prize $50
Full-time Graduate or undergraduate student selected at the Poetry Center’s annual Poetry Contest
Matti N. Antila Poetry Award varies
This scholarship is awarded annually to a junior for a poetry composition.
CaptainU Student-Athlete Scholarship $2,000
Sponsored: This opportunity is offered to current high school athletes for 2023-2024. Only athletes that want to play in college should apply!
Nancy P. Schnader Poetry Award $125
This scholarship is awarded to a student with outstanding academic achievement.
Poetry Club Award Varies
Recipients of the Poetry Club award are identified annually through the Lansing Poetry Club competition.
Reed Prize Varies
Established in 1968 by Leon Reed and his sons, S. Chadwick ’41, and Dr. Victor Reed, in memory of Mrs. Sophie Reed, for the best poem or group of poems.
Rella Lossy Poetry Award $500
Open to poets at SFSU who have not published a book previously.
Robert Frost Memorial Poetry Prize Varies
The winner of this prize is chosen from among submissions to Z-Platt Almanac , Plattsburgh State’s literary magazine.
Monthly University Scholarships $1,000
Sponsored: Register now for 2025..
Sharon Naughton Poetry Scholarship $50
Scholarship awarded to a student who excels in writing poems.
Stan and Tom Wick High School Poetry Award $2500
The competition is open to poets writing in English who have not yet published a full-length collection of poems (a volume of 50 or more pages published in an edition of 500 or more ...
Stan and Tom Wick Poetry Scholarship Awards $3000
Awarded to students for the best submitted poem.
Steiksal Scholarship $500
Awarded to an English major. Requisites: 3.5+ overall GPA/3.75+ English GPA, financial need, taken one or more required English courses. Students who qualify for financial aid and who have ...
The College Alumni Society Poetry Prize Scholarship $100
This prize is awarded to the best original poems by an undergraduate. Awarded to the best original poems by an undergraduate.
Monthly University Scholarships $1,000
Sponsored: Open to High School students and adults looking to head back to school, current college students and anyone else looking to attend college or graduate school this year or in 2024.
The Grace Prize in Poetry Varies
This scholarship is awarded to a student at Wooster.
The Morris Schreiber Memorial Award Varies
This scholarship is given to a graduating senior who is a gifted poet. The faculty of the English Department selects the award winner.
The Ralph L. Kinsey Poerty Award Varies
This scholarship is awarded to a student at Wooster who is interested in Poetry.
The Vonna Hicks Adrian Poetry Prize Varies
This scholarship is awarded to a deserving student at Wooster.
Think Positive .....Be Positive $1,000
No Essay $1,000 Scholarship opportunity! High School and College students are invited to create a film or video (5 minutes or less in length). Submit the short video, which could be ...