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Fact: Our full menu of scholarships by ethnic minority takes some of the "diceyness" out of higher education.

While getting a college degree may feel out of reach, a recent report by the American Council on Education shows promising results for degree attainment by some ethnic minorities, specifically African Americans and Hispanics. This is good news, supporting other research that shows that a college degree dramatically increases earning and career potential, which in turn, reduces unemployment.

The case for minorities pursuing higher education is strengthened yet again by the fact that more and more U.S. employers are making diversity and inclusion a priority for their workforces. But how do you overcome the social and economic barriers for college enrollment that might still be in your way?

There is a way and it's in the form of educational scholarships that are specifically designed to help minorities and those from diverse ethnic and racial backgrounds -- African, Hispanic, Latino, and Asian American and many more -- take advantage of these opportunities.

Many of these scholarship sponsors aren't interested in dicing up your marks. They are focused first and foremost on connecting you and your unique skills to a career that will help you make a difference in areas such as Healthcare, Information Technology, Sciences, Finance and Business Management to name a few. features a full menu of scholarships that are broken down by race or ethnic descent.

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