How to Shop for Private Student Loans?

Private loans are a source of college funding used to supplement (not replace) borrowing federal student loans. For many students, federal loans aren't enough to cover the cost of attendance. In this case, private student loans might be a good option. Read More

Federal vs Private Student Loans

A common question from students looking to pay their tuition bill is "Should I use federal or private student loans to pay for school?" Students should always get federal student loans first, and find private student loans to fill any remaining gaps in funding. Below we list details about what makes these loans different. Read More

Making the Most of Financial Aid

The only feeling better than getting into the college you wanted is finding a way to pay for it. And despite the excitement of receiving a financial aid package, it's often not enough to cover the increasing cost of college - even with help from parents, savings, or income from a job. So unless you're Willy Wonka and have a goose that lays golden eggs, you probably need more money. Read More

Paying for College in 5 Easy Steps

Your "gap" is the amount of money you'll need for college after you factor in your family's contributions and your financial aid award. It can be explained by this simple equation. Read More

Talking to Parents or Relatives about Student Loans

Students across the country are being burdened with debt and are finding it difficult to speak with parents about going to expensive private colleges. Meanwhile, parents are facing tighter budgets and the realization that the big name school might be out of the question. However, keep the following tips in mind when having the student loan conversation with your parents, because you will need a co-signer... Read More

Tips for Successful Student Loan Applications

If you're considering a private student loan, but don't know where to start, our best piece of advice is to compare your options. There's nothing more powerful than knowing your options. But once you see what's out there, how do you pick the loan that's right for you? And how do you get approved? Read More

Tuition Bill - 5 Tips to Handle it Successfully

The fall semester is around the corner, and your tuition bill has probably already arrived. Opening that envelope is never fun, and often intimidating, but it's a reality we all must face. Follow our advice below to manage your finances and borrowing so that you can tackle your tuition bill successfully. If you still need money to pay your tuition bill, make sure to compare your student loan options. Read More

Private Loans vs. Home Equity Loan for Students

For both parents and students alike, paying for college can be the toughest part of working toward a degree , but this doesn't have to be the case. There is a new strategy to paying off student debt on the rise that could possibly offer better advantages over standard private student loans. Read More