Art Scholarships in Georgia

Thinking of studying Art at a school in Georgia? One of the reasons we know so much about the civilizations who lived before us is the art they left behind. Art, and by extension the arts, help us understand not only what people did, but how and why they did it, as well. Choosing to study the arts is a noble and ancient path, one we can trace back to the ancient Greeks.

Some might find it easy to poke fun at those who choose to study an arts related field. Not many people know of anyone who earns a living as a painter or sculptor, but many creative people earn a living in graphic design, fashion, publishing and dozens of other careers. There are also plenty of mis-conceptions about what happens in art school. While the body of knowledge may be smaller than, say, a medical student is responsible for, most college and university art programs are very rigorous, and offer students plenty of opportunity to be challenged.

Others might not find the value in a degree in art from a school in Georgia, and may feel that artists are born and not taught. While this may be true for some, nearly every aspiring artist can benefit from the objective critique and saturation in art theory which are some of the signatures of a typical art school program. In addition to learning from the successes and failures, both personal and critical, endured by great, if long-dead, artists.

Scholarships for aspiring artists in Georgia may not be as plentiful as for other disciplines, but they are available. Speak to your high school guidance counselor or an admissions counselor at the school you’d like to attend. You might also speak with any local non-profit arts organizations, as they may know of privately funded grants and scholarships for aspiring artists.

Regardless of the availability of scholarships, you’ll almost certainly need to have a portfolio of your best and most promising work to show when applying to any art school or program. Be thoughtful when you put your portfolio together, and seek the advice of friends and mentors who can help you be objective about your work. Your portfolio tells others who you are as an artist, and who you are as a person.

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