African American Scholarships in Georgia

African American students in Georgia are enrolling in colleges and universities in record numbers, but college graduation rates for Black students have remained stationary, with only around 43% of Black students who begin college leaving with a degree. Black women are graduating in larger numbers than the men. It's worth it for colleges and universities who have not been able to guide Black students from enrollment to diploma to examine their system, exposing and addressing obstacles which may be in the paths of Black students.

Colleges and universities in Georgia that make an effort to support the diverse needs of a diverse student body have higher graduation rates for minority students than schools which don't. Studies have shown that support for Black students from school administration is higher in schools which host a larger population of Black and minority students. Some schools, such as Brown, make a concerted effort to support their African American students, while other schools, including California's Berkeley, which is home to a very small percentage of African American students, have suffered because of subsequent low graduation rates.

Some states, including California, Texas and Florida, have forbidden Affirmative Action to be a determining factor for college admissions. Since 1996, when California began their Affirmative Action ban, Black student enrollment has fallen to less than 3%, even as Asian student enrollment multiplied. Additionally enrollment for Hispanic and white students has also declined.

Thankfully, even with a suspension on Affirmative Action, there are grants accessible for Black students going to school in Georgia. Even while the level of competition for these college scholarships is tough, scholarships should certainly help ensure that Black scholars have the exact same chance as their non-African American classmates. Below, discover a variety of examples of scholarships for African American university students. Remember to keep in thought, this list is far from comprehensive, so make use of it as a springboard for your own research.

The American Bar Association gives an annual award to minority students who want to pursue a career in law.
The Librarians’ Black Caucus offer several privately funded scholarships.  

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Name Amount
2023/2024 College Scholarship $1,000
Sponsored: There is no GPA requirement and no essay to write!
Atlanta Ohio University African American Alumni Scholarship Varies
To be awarded to an African American student from the Greater Atlanta, Georgia area.
Charles Longstreet Weltner Memorial Endowed Scholarship Half-Tuition
Selected Oglethorpe University students who are residents of the state of Georgia. Demonstrate financial need, satisfactory academic records and to the extent allowed by law and of African ...
L.S. Mollette Memorial Scholarship Varies
This scholarship will be awarded to a African American Carroll County resident with at least a 3.0 GPA.
Reid Memorial Presbyterian Church Scholarship Varies
Annual scholarship awarded to a local African American, Protestant male, who is a full-time student at Paine College. Recipients must maintain satisfactory academic progress as an ...