Tech Scholarships in California

Scholarships for California TechIn the United States, there are currently millions of jobs which have gone unfilled because there is no one qualified to fill them. While these jobs span many different fields, many of them are tech jobs. A degree in technology can be the ticket to a well-paying, secure job, which is becoming more and more difficult to do in this difficult economy.

People with technology degrees frequently have starting salaries higher than most of their peers in other fields. Depending on expertise and specialty, a degree in a technology field can be very profitable over the course of a career. It’s also not a limited field, tech degree holders are employed in far more places than just technology companies, since most companies utilize technology in one form or another.

There are many kinds of technology degrees, as well. Tech majors may focus on computer hardware or software development, computer repair and maintenance, engineering, computer and internet security, or even mobile device development. We’re surrounded with technology every day, which isn’t changing any time soon, pursuing a career in technology is a logical and smart choice for anyone with the interest and aptitude.

The best source for technology related scholarships is the school a student plans on attending. Cal Tech, for example, offers its prospective students several scholarship opportunities related to technology. Since California is home to Silicon Valley, which employs countless tech experts, it only makes sense that California is also home to many high tier technology schools, all of whom wish to attract the most talent.California Tech State Scholarships

Some of the larger California tech companies may offer scholarship programs for particularly qualified applicants. Smaller tech companies or tech start-up companies may also have some resources, or at least know where prospective students can go for more information on tech scholarships.

Most technology majors have a history of excelling in advanced math classes in high school. Since mathematical equations are the foundation of most of the technology we use today, a firm understanding of advanced math can be critical in not only helping a student succeed in college until graduation. Great math grades can also be the deciding factor in winning a technology scholarship.

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$500 CollegeMapper Scholarship - No Essay $500
Sponsored: The $500 CollegeMapper Scholarship is open to all students currently enrolled in high school and plan to attend a college or University in the U.S. AND to students who are already enrolled in college and are looking to transfer schools. Refer a friend for more chances to win.
George Washington Carver Scholarships $200-$10,000
THE GEORGE WASHINGON CARVER SCHOLARSHIP FUND, INC. is a non-profit corporation, which provides grants to students who attend historically black colleges or universities and major in an area ...
Parlier Lions Club Scholarship $100
Must be a deserving student majoring in business or technology. Must be from the Parlier area.