How to Get a Scholarship - Book Time Off

When you first decide to start applying for scholarships it is difficult to know where to start. Most students immediately start applying to the first few scholarships they find without any thought for applicability or chances of success. This is a big mistake. Although it is good to get as many applications out as possible, you most likely have a restricted amount of time to spend searching and then applying (you still have to find time to study). Maximize your time and first start writing applications to those scholarships that you have the highest probability of success.

You need to set aside a certain amount of time per week for applying for scholarships. It’s good to think of it more as a part time job because essentially that’s what it is. You’re working on these applications in the hope of getting paid through scholarships, so wouldn’t it make sense that the more work you put in the more rewards you will receive?

After you have created a time schedule for the next few weeks begin searching. Use online databases such as, contact colleges you are interested in, speak to your counsellor in your high school, or visit community resource libraries. When you have compiled or short listed potential scholarships, do a little extra research on their website and find out what they represent, why they exist and what specifically they are looking for in a scholarship candidate. Using your findings from your research, organize these scholarships in priority (chances of success). One way is set up your own rating system (points for eligibility, # of awards, amount of award, etc.). Don’t forget to also prioritize by deadline dates. Never miss a deadline.

Once you have your scholarship written down you should start applying based upon the highest ranking you have established. This doesn’t necessarily mean the ones with the highest reward. tries to make that job a little easier for you. Make sure you fill out your profile and a listing of only scholarship that may fit your student profile and background will be produced.