Culinary Scholarships for Women

A gourmet palate has become a status symbol, so much so that there’s already a backlash against the self-named “foodie”, who knows her Kobe beef from her chanterelles. Regardless of the backlash, people will always want to eat delicious food, and well-trained chefs who can make miraculous dishes will always be in demand.

While culinary school doesn’t take as many years to complete as some other professional training programs, it Is no less rigorous, and no less expensive. Finding financial aid to help pay for culinary school can also be a challenge, as not all culinary schools accept or offer traditional methods of financial aid. Fortunately, there are options if you’d like to be the next Anthony Bourdain or Nigella Lawson.

While American women have typically been the home cook, professional chefs have been almost overwhelmingly male. Only in the last few decades have women really begun to enter the field in comparable numbers to men. Some of the thanks for this goes to the indomitable Julia Child, who broke the glass ceiling for many women chefs by mastering French cooking when barely any American chefs, male or female, could do so.

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Scholarships 4 Moms $10,000 Scholarship Giveaway
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2023/2024 College Scholarship $1,000
Sponsored: There is no GPA requirement and no essay to write!
Dyanna Smith Memorial Scholarship $1,000
Mira Mesa Women's Club $1000 scholarships for Career or Tech Education is for women seniors graduating Mira Mesa HS in San Diego, who have financial need and ongoing community service. * Open ...
Mary Nell Reck Culinary Scholarship Varies
Established by Les Dames d'Escoffier International - Houston Chapter Minimum 2.0 GPA; minimum enrollment of 6 credit hours per semester; must be a female student enrolled in the HCC ...
Webber Trust Educational Grants Tuition+
Financial aid for students pursuing an undergraduate degree in the programs presented in nine categories: 1. Foods, Nutrition and/or Dietetics, 2. Restaurant Management 3. Culinary Arts ...