Celebrating our Elders Scholarship Project

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Provided by: Intercultural and International Services
Type: Scholarship
Amount: $200-$2000
Website: https://www.uhcl.edu/intercultural/COE

African and Hispanic cultures celebrate elders. Elders share with youth the wisdom necessary to develop useful and respectful lives. This pattern of elders teaching and inspiring youth is also characteristic of African-American and Hispanic communities in the U.S. Think about your life. Has there been a particular African-American or Hispanic elder who has supported or inspired your achievement? Did this elder believe in you when accomplishing your dreams seemed difficult? Your elder could be a relative, teacher, coach, minister or neighbor. We want to hear your story of how your African-American or Hispanic elder has influenced your life. Write a 2-page story about an African-American or Hispanic elder that has influence you positively to achieve an academic goal, dream, or who has supported you during a difficult time in your life.

Additional Information

Eligible applicants for Celebrating Our Elders scholarship are one of the following: 1. A high school senior intending to enroll in a Houston-area community college Fall 2009; 2. A dual-enrollment student; 3. A student currently enrolled in a Houston-area community college. Contact Imelda Estrada at [email protected]

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