Scholarships for Moms

Are you a mother who is trying to juggle parenting and college courses efficiently? Managing child care with textbooks, libraries, and educational work is a challenging reality that most mothers find overwhelming. What's more, the financial burden for such mothers is huge. But here's the good news - help is available in the form of scholarships for moms.

Whether you're a single mother or have your partner's support to raise your children, you have to spend quality with your kids, run errands, and sometimes work hard to provide for your family. In such strenuous circumstances, attending a university or college may appear like an impossible task.

According to the findings of Raise the Nation, an association working to help mothers find financial assistance for college to continue their education, the living conditions of almost 38% of single moms are either at or below the poverty level. If you have at least a bachelor's degree, you are less likely to find yourself in such a disturbing financial condition.

With scholarships for moms, you can pick up your education where you left off without disturbing your finances.

Tips and Ideas

If you're thinking to apply for scholarships for moms, make sure you understand the eligibility requirements properly. This is the best approach you can use to prove yourself as an eligible candidate for the concerned scholarship program. Organize your credentials and transcripts beforehand to make the process as quick and convenient as possible.

You may have to gather all the important information, including your social security number, tax returns, letters of referral, and relevant proofs of your special abilities or achievements. Make sure you read the terms and conditions for the scholarships for moms thoroughly before applying.

Take enough time to research and review your chosen scholarship program. The application process can make you face great competition, so put your best foot forward to let the scholarship committee know that you are uniquely qualified for the scholarship program.

Apply for Scholarships for Moms

Scholarship donors realize the challenges and problems mothers returning to the educational world face. This is the reason why they offer numerous grants, scholarships, and financial aid solutions exclusively for moms. If you're interested to continue your educational journey, start looking for scholarships for moms to get the right financial assistance.

There are many online platforms that can help you find, access, and apply for scholarships and grants. is one such reliable platform to start your search from. This is the place where you can find anything from federal and state offered scholarships to those awarded by special community groups and institutions. Go through our carefully prepared scholarship listings to check out innumerable scholarship opportunities for mothers. Conducting additional research regarding the eligibility criteria of these scholarship programs is a matter of just a few clicks.

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Name Amount
2023/2024 College Scholarship $1,000
Sponsored: There is no GPA requirement and no essay to write!
Campos Moeller Endowed Scholarship
Minimum GPA: 2.5 One page personal statement describing career goals and the potential impact of this scholarship Single mothers.
Jennifer Johnson-Duke Single Parent Women's Scholarship
Applicant must be a female single parent Be enrolled at least part-time (6 credit hours or more) at Florida State College at Jacksonville Submit an essay detailing how this scholarship will
Sica Scholarship
Freshmen entering from Richmond Public Schools who are single mothers are eligible to be considered for this scholarship.