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Name Amount
2023/2024 College Scholarship $1,000
Sponsored: There is no GPA requirement and no essay to write!
Adele Todd Plaxco Scholarship Program Varies
Member of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church, preferably a minister’s child, of good moral character, enrolled at Erskine College. Show promise of success exemplified by a high ...
Anne Ellers Scholarship Varies
Scholarship for a young woman enrolled at Rockford College. Preference to a student who is the daughter of a minister. She must be enrolled full-time and have completed at least one year at ...
Assemblies of God Scholarship for Hispanic Pastors Varies
Pastors in the Hispanic Ministries program at Fuller Theological Seminary, by the Missions Department of the Pacific Latin American District of the Assemblies of God.
Baptist Ministers Dependent Scholarship $1,000
Scholarship available to the dependents of pastors, ministers of music, ministers of education, and other full-time ministers actively serving a Baptist congregation or a state convention.
Baptist Minister’s Dependent Scholarship Varies
This scholarship will be awarded to the spouse and/or dependent children of an ordained or licensed minister who actively serves full-time in any Baptist church or agency ministry or a spouse
Biblical Studies Scholarship $1,000
This scholarship will be awarded to new undergraduate students who major in Biblical Studies, Biblical Counseling, Church Ministries or Missions.
Biola University Dependent Scholarships $1200-$1500
Students at Biola University who are dependents of pastors, missionaries or other Christian workers. Primary family income must be through a church, mission board or Christian non-profit ...
Blanche L. King Memorial Scholarship $600
Annual scholarship made to children of Pentecostal Holiness missionaries, with secondary priority to students in ministerial programs preparing to serve the Pentecostal Holiness Church. ...
C.F.W. Walther Grant-Pastor $1000
Must be a child of a full-time LCMS church professional in one of the following areas: pastor, director of education evangelism, missionary, or social worker in church agency. Request ...
Campbell University Pastors Tuition Scholarship Half-Tuition
Full-time North Carolina Baptist pastors and their spouses or children, who are serving churches that participate in the Cooperative Program of the North Carolina Baptist State Convention, ...
ScholarshipPoints $10,000 Scholarship $10,000
Sponsored: Thousands available in scholarships this year.
Campbell University Pastors Tuition Scholarships $2000
Full-time other denominational or out-of-state pastor, spouses or children. Must apply for all available financial aid, which will be applied to cost of tuition and matriculation before ...
Catherine Van Arsdall Willis Scholarship Varies
To be awarded to sons and daughters of Disciples of Christ ministers. Requires enrollment at Transylvania University. Contact the Director of Financial Aid.
Children Of Presbyterian Ministers Scholarship $500
Dependent children of ministers of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) are
awarded $500 scholarships each year they are enrolled as full-time students
pursuing their first undergraduate ...
Christian Methodist Episcopal Minister’s Dependent Grant $1,000
A dependent of a minister of the Christian Methodist Episcopal denomination is eligible for a grant per academic year at Paine College.
Christian Service Awards for Ministers $1500
Available to dependents of/or ministers, missionaries, full-time church officials, employees of Southern Baptist agencies, or staff, faculty or administrators of Christian high schools. For ...
$2,000 "No Essay" Scholarship - Niche $2,000
Sponsored: Open to all students and those planning on enrolling in either 2023 or 2024.
Christian Worker Dependent Grant $1500
Awarded to dependent children of full-time pastors or missionaries may be eligible for this grant. The qualifying ministry must be the primary family income sources. The parents should be ...
Christian Worker Scholarship $1,250
This scholarship will be awarded to students who parents are in full-time Christian ministry.
Christian Workers Scholarship-Minister Varies
Awarded to a dependent student at Tennessee Temple University whose head of household is employed full-time as a pastor, teacher in a Christian school, or is serving as a home missionary ...
Christian Worker’s Family Scholarship Varies
The Christian Worker’s Family Grant covers 10% of tuition for members of families in ministry fields. Primary wage earner is a full-time employee of a non-profit Christian organization.
Christian Worker’s Scholarship $2,000
This scholarship will be awarded to dependent students who have at least one parent serving in a full-time, fundamental, Bible-believing ministry for at least nine months a year.
CaptainU Student-Athlete Scholarship $2,000
Sponsored: This opportunity is offered to current high school athletes for 2023-2024. Only athletes that want to play in college should apply!
Clergy Dependent Grants $1000
For spouses or children of full-time pastoral ministers of the Christian Church-Disciples of Christ.
Clergy Grants $1000
Dependent children of ordained Presbyterian Church USA ministers engaged in full-time church work. File a FAFSA and Muskingum College Financial Aid Verification Form.
Concordia Church Worker Dependent Grant $1000
Awarded to a dependent of rostered Lutheran minister or teacher.
Covenant Ministers Grant $5000
Awarded to dependent children of full-time Covenant ministers enrolling at North Park University. Recipients of this grant will not receive the Covenant Member Grant. No repayment. Renewable ...
Dallas Baptist University Ministerial Family Scholarship Varies
Dependents of an ordained or licensed minister who actively serves a Southern Baptist church or agency, or spouses of ministerial students who are enrolled at Dallas Baptist University.
Monthly University Scholarships $1,000
Sponsored: Register now for 2025..
DePauw University Ministerial Grants-in-Aid Varies
Awarded to dependent children of United Methodist ministers. Minister must 1) under appointment by a bishop, 2) currently pursuing the ministry, 3) apply for financial aid, and 4) demonstrate
Dillard University Institutional Scholarships Varies
Dillard University offers Institutional scholarships to diserving students who attend Dillard University. For more information contact the financial aid office.
Dillard University Ministerial Scholarships Varies
Dillard University offers Ministerial Scholarships for the children of the ordained clergy, with emphasis on the United Methodist Church and the United Church of Christ.
Don And Dot Edwards Farrand Scholarship Varies
This scholarship is available to children or grandchildren of ordained ministers of the Church of the Nazarene.
Doramae Shepard Memorial Scholarship Varies
This scholarship is available to students whose parents are missionaries.
Monthly University Scholarships $1,000
Sponsored: Open to High School students and adults looking to head back to school, current college students and anyone else looking to attend college or graduate school this year or in 2024.
Dr. Homer H. Sherman Memorial Scholarship-Ministers Varies
Preference to the daughters of Methodist ministers and others in need. Contact the Center for Financial Planning and Assistance, Randolph-Macon Woman’s College.
Edwin G. and Lauretta M. Michael Scholarship Varies
Financial aid for minister’s wives who plan to prepare for the ordained ministry of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). Must be a member of the Christian Church. Based on full-time ...
Elaine Bray Memorial Scholarship $1000
Applicants must be a Sophomore, Junior, or Senior student and a dependent child of a Missionary or Pastor.
Eli B. and Harriet B. Williams Memorial Fund Varies
Income to be used to help ”poor and qualified students to obtain an education” at Illinois College. Granted to children of clergy in active ministerial service in their respective church ...
Elijah and Naomi Coffin Memorial Scholarship-Quakers Varies
Assistance for sons and daughters of Quaker ministers and other Friends who do not have the means to educate their children at Earlham College. Contact the Director of Financial Aid with ...
Elijah and Naomi Coffin Memorial Scholarship-Society Friends Varies
Assistance for sons and daughters of Quaker ministers and other Friends who do not have the means to educate their children at Earlham College. Contact the Director of Financial Aid with ...
Emmanuel College-GA President Scholarship $1000
Financial assistance is provided to each child of full-time ministers in the Pentecostal Holiness Church, and of full-time Conference and church officials. Awarded at Emmanuel College ...
Evangelical Education Society Awards Varies
Financial assistance offered to students through the Evangelical Education Society of the Protestant Episcopal Church. Awarded to persons who anticipate ministries among Native Americans and ...
Frank And Betty Robinson Scholarship Varies
This scholarship is available to students majoring in nursing, with preference given to children of ministers or missionaries.
Gene Myers Memorial Ministerial Scholarship Varies
Ministerial students and children of missionaries of the Pentecostal Holiness Church. Contact the Director of Student Financial Aid, Emmanuel College.
Geneva Clergy Grants-Ministers Varies
Unmarried dependent children of ordained ministers enrolled at Geneva College. Requires full-time enrollment. Renewable annually for a maximum of eight semesters. File a FAFSA. Verification ...
Geoffrey L. Story, Jr. Scholarship Varies
This scholarship was established by his family in 2000, first, for children of United Methodist Ministers, second for religion majors, and third for humanities majors.
J.C. Love Jr. Memorial Endowed Scholarship Varies
Must be an outstanding dependent of an United Methodist minister in the Louisiana Conference.
Jean McFall White and Ann White Leith Scholarship Varies
Priority in making the scholarship for study at Erskine College, will be given first to children of Presbyterian ministers with second consideration to children of Associate Reformed ...
John and Mary Alford Scholarship Fund Varies
Scholarship fund is designed to provide assistance to children of ministers enrolled at DePauw University. Financial Aid Office will automatically consider students for the scholarship. No ...
Judson Christian Service Awards $1000
Awarded to Judson College students whose parents are full-time ministers, missionaries, or Christian high school administrators or faculty.
Juliette M. Atherton Scholarship - Minister's Sons & Daughters Varies
The Board of Directors of the Atherton Family Foundation sets aside a portion of the Foundation's income each year to be used for scholarships. These scholarships perpetuate Mrs. Atherton's ...
LeTourneau University Dependent of Christian Worker Grant $1000
Dependents of full-time ministers serving under recognized mission boards. Submit a letter describing the parent’s ministry and responsibility from a pastor, board of elders/deacons, ...
Messiah College Christian Service Discount Half Tuition
Discount of 50% of tuition to all active, full-time ministers and professional full-time employees-not dependents-of Christian day schools. Students enrolled at Messiah College.
Messiah College Ministerial Dependent Discounts $150
Dependents of full-time, active ministers. Students must be taking courses full-time. File the Messiah College Financial Aid Application to determine eligibility.
Methodist Clergy Scholarships $20,000
Sons and daughters of active, ordained Methodist ministers who plan to attend Boston University are eligible for this scholarship. A letter identifying him or herself as the child of a ...
Methodist Ministerial Scholarships Varies
Sons or daughters of active ministers or missionaries may receive a scholarship of 45 percent of current tuition.
Methodist Minister’s Dependent Grant Varies
Must be a dependent of a United Methodist minister.
Minister Child Scholarship Varies
Dependent students of full-time, ordained ministers of the Assemblies of God and other denominations and fellowships upon application and approval. Discount of 25% to 50% of tuition at North ...
Ministerial and Missionary Grants Varies
Open to American Baptist ministers, or their dependents, who show financial need. Submit proof of denominational listing with application to the Director of Financial Aid at Eastern ...
Ministerial Grant Tuition
This grant is offered to children of ministers and missionaries who are currently working full time for the Ashland-based Brethren Church or who have retired from full-time service for ...
Ministerial Grants Varies
This scholarship will be awarded to dependent children of United Methodist ministers. To be eligible, the minister must be (1) under appointment by a bishop to a church or be under special ...
Ministerial Scholarships $1,500
Awarded to full-time, undergraduate dependents of full-time, ordained practicing pastors or missionaries from the United States or Canada.
Minister’s Dependent Scholarship Tuition
This half tuition scholarship is awarded to legal dependents/spouses of full-time licensed ordained ministers (active, retired or deceased) who are/were members of the United Methodist Church
Minister’s Dependent Scholarship $144
Must be a deserving dependent of a full-time Southern Baptist minister.
Minister’s Dependents Scholarships $300-$2000
Financial assistance for qualified Pfeiffer University students. Available to students who are the dependents of ministers. Selection depends upon denomination and conference.
Minister’s Family Tuition Awards $600
Open to outstanding students that are dependent children or spouses of ordained ministers of the United Methodist Church in active pastoral work. Requires a 2.0 GPA for renewal at Southern ...
Missionary Children Scholarship $2000
Must be a deserving student who has family serving on a foreign mission.
Missionary Scholarship Varies
Students beginning their first enrollment at Liberty, including transfer students, during or after the spring 2014 semester. Students who have already matriculated at Liberty University are ...
Muhlenberg College Lutheran Clergy Scholarship Varies
Financial support for a student at Muhlenberg College, who is the dependent child of a member of the Lutheran clergy.
Oliver W. Carmichael Scholarship Fund Varies
Financial assistance for a qualified student enrolled at Erskine College. Preference to the son or daughter of a minister. Keep up passing grades.
Pastor Dependent Grant $1,800
This scholarship will be awarded to students who parent is a full-time minister serving in a local church. Please list parent information on admission application.
Pastor/Missionary Dependent Scholarship $1000
Dependent students of Pastors and Missionaries may apply and will be awarded as funds are available. Students must demonstrate some financial need.
Pomona Bible Chapel Scholarship Award Varies
Awarded to students who are children of missionaries or students who reside in Southern California.
Presbyterian Scholarships $1500
Must be a dependent of a Presbyterian minister.
Randolph-Macon Woman’s College Ministerial Deductions $1000
A deduction given to the daughters of ordained United Methodist clergy enrolled at Randolph-Macon Woman’s College. Major and primary source of income to the family is derived through ...
Rebecca Lamar Harmon Scholarship Varies
For students enrolled at Randolph-Macon Woman’s College, needing financial assistance. Preference given to the daughters of ministers. Contact the Center for Financial Planning and ...
Renschler Family Scholarship Varies
This scholarship is available to sophomore or above students with financial need. Preference is given to those whose parents are in full-time Nazarene ministry and are supporting two or ...
Reverend Joseph B. Rognlien Scholarship $4750
Awarded to a full-time undergraduate who is the child or grandchild of a Christian minister.
Saint Andrew ARP Church Scholarship Varies
Members of Associate Reformed Prebyterian Churches within First Presbytery or children of ministers of First Presbytery. Based on financial need and merit. Show evidence of Christian ...
Samford University Religion and Ministry Awards Varies
Students majoring in religion, church music or religious vocation at Samford University. Students who are dependents of full-time ministers in Southern Baptist Convention churches may also ...
San Francisco Theological Seminary Financial Assistance Varies
Open to students at San Francisco Theological Seminary who have financial need and are a Master of Divinity candidate. Must show academic achievement, potential and be a member of the ...
Scholarships for Daughters and Sons of Christian Church Ministers Full Tuition
Applicants must be a daughter or son of an ordained Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) minister serving in or retired from one of the church’s manifestations. Applicants must also show ...
Shreveport District United Methodist Church Scholarship Varies
Awarded for a child of a United Methodist minister from the Shreveport District.
Southwestern College Christian Workers Tuition Reduction Varies
Financial aid for qualified Southwestern College students. Available to dependent family members of active pastors, church staff members, missionaries, and other Christian workers in ...
Tim Power Memorial Scholarship Varies
This scholarship is available to students whose parents are Home Mission pastors.
Transylvania University Ministers’ Dependents Scholarship Varies
Dependents of Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) ministers or missionaries who are earning their living in a church-related occupation. Based on financial need, GPA, test scores and class
UCC Tuition Grants Half Tuition
Entering students who are dependents of ministers of United Church of Christ churches. Grant is equivalent to 50% of the student’s tuition charge. This merit award is renewable for up to ...
United Methodist Episcopal Minister’s Dependent Grant $1,000
A dependent of a minister of the United Methodist Church. Awarded per academic year at Paine College.
United Methodist Ministerial Scholarships Varies
Children of active United Methodist ministers or missionaries who will be attending Emory University. Application forms are available from the Office of Financial Aid.
United Methodist Scholarship Varies
Awarded to children of an active, ordained Methodist minister. Applicants must submit a letter identifying themselves as the children of a Methodist minister and complete an application.
Virginia Conference United Methodist Scholarships Varies
Financial assistance for Virginia Conference young people enrolled at Randolph-Macon Woman’s College. Preference being given to the daughters of Virginia Conference Methodist ministers. ...
Whitworth Ministerial Dependent Grant $1500
Dependent of ordained, full-time practicing pastor or missionary, will receive the grant. Requires full-time enrollment, 12 credits per semester, at Whitworth College.