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Fact: A college degree can be a key ingredient to a promising career and higher earnings.

With the Education Pays report showing that a college degree increases earning and career potential the time to get focused on your college hopes and dreams is now. Colleges and universities feature specific scholarships to attract a diverse range of students to their institutions for careers in areas such as arts, healthcare, law enforcement, computer sciences, accounting, medicine, law and the list goes on.

Remember that college-specific scholarships are only available at the college and universities offering them and are typically geared toward highly qualified students (academic or personal) in very specific departments or areas of studies. Some college scholarships are based on academic achievements but many schools are looking for students with athletic ability or other special skills, needs or interests.

What are private scholarships? Private scholarships are different than college scholarships because they are awarded by various organizations, clubs, companies, charities and individuals. Some private scholarships are awarded if a student is a member of a particular club or association or is planning to enter a specific field of study. also features private scholarships for women, persons with disabilities, for sports, activities, special situations and for corporate, religious or military affiliations.

Where to start? Start by looking at the colleges or universities that interest you, and contact them about their entrance requirements and to see if financial aid is available. Next, make sure your profile is up to date (if you don?t have one only take a few minutes to create your profile). Then, watch the scholarship matches roll in and start applying. Our scholarship essay writing tips and Career Aptitude Test can also help.

With over $40 billion in total scholarships available, is your most comprehensive, free online directory for scholarships for leading colleges and universities throughout the U.S.  

Types of College Scholarships

If your profile doesn't match the requirements to obtain a college specific scholarship, our directory still provides you with some of the information needed to get your application process started.

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