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Name Amount
2023/2024 College Scholarship $1,000
Sponsored: There is no GPA requirement and no essay to write!
Wade T. Batson Fellowship
To provide fellowships to exceptional graduate students working in the plant biology area in biological sciences.
A. S. Herlong Graduate Fellowship $2,500
Students in agricultural and biological engineering, botany, entomology and nematology, food and resource economics, food science and human nutrition, horticultural science (fruit crops), ...
Agricultural Alumni Seed Improvement Association, Inc. Scholarship Varies
Instate students enrolled in Plant Sciences, Department of Agronomy, Department of Botany and Plant Pathology or Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture. The scholarship is ...
Alden S. Crafts Scholarship Varies
This scholarship is restricted to students majoring in botany or biological sciences with a plant science emphasis.
Alice and Walter Macior Award in Plant Sciences 650
Awards are made to students accepted in a graduate program specializing in botany or plant sciences.
Aloha Garden Club Scholarship $1500
The club offers scholarships to individuals who are pursuing a course of study in horticulture, horticultural therapy, landscape design, natural resource conservation, forestry or ...
Amherst Garden Club Scholarship $1000
Applicant must major in biology, botany, conservation, environmental concerns, floriculture, forestry, horticulture, land management, landscape design, urban planning and/or allied fields. To
Ann Frommel Memorial Scholarship $300
Applicant must major in Biological Sciences, Botany, Zoology or Chemistry.
Anne S. Chatham Fellowship in Medicinal Botany $4000
Grant to enable study in medicinal botany. Open to recent Ph.D. candidates and Ph.D.’s interested in studying medicinal botany.
AOS (American Orchid Society)/11th WOC (World Orchid Conference) Scholarship Fund Varies
Upper-division or graduate students pursuing degrees in horticulture or botany who have demonstrated interest in, and who will pursue with the proceeds of the grant, studies or research in ...
2025/2026 College Scholarship $10,000
Sponsored: Thousands available in scholarships this year.
AOS/11WOC Scholarship Fund Varies
Upper division or graduate students pursuing degrees in horticulture or botany who have demonstrated interest in, and who will pursue with the proceeds of the grant, studies or research in ...
Arlene Ferguson Internship at Hilltop Gardens $500
Established in 1990 by local businessman and former Trustee of Indiana University, Mr. Stephen L. Ferguson, in memory of his mother, who helped establish the Hilltop program. Must be of at ...
Aven Nelson Scholarship Varies
Awarded to a deserving student majoring in Botany.
Axel "Andy" Andersen Scholarship in Plant Biology and Plant Pathology Varies
Recipients shall be selected on the basis of being a student majoring in Plant Biology or Plant Pathology and being in good academic standing with the University and having completed at least
B.T. and Bonnie Mills Scholarship Fund $500
Awarded to students with financial need who have demonstrated serious interest in educational goals. The applicant must be majoring in engineering, business, agriculture or botany.
$2,000 "No Essay" Scholarship - Niche $2,000
Sponsored: Open to all students and those planning on enrolling in either 2023 or 2024.
Barbara M. Lucier Memorial Scholarship varies
This scholarship is to aid one or more Junior or Senior students majoring in one of the following: Animal Sciences, Biochemistry, Biology, Environmental Horticulture, Forestry, Microbiology, ...
Beatrice Krauss Fellowship Varies
This scholarship is awarded to deserving University of Hawaii at Manoa students majoring in Botany.
Benjamin C. Blackburn Scholarship $2500
Established to provide financial assistance to residents of New Jersey who are working on an undergraduate or graduate degree in horticulture, landscape architecture, or related fields. This ...
Biology-Award of Excellence Varies
In addition to the scholarship application, all applicants should write a short paragraph describing specific interests and/or career goals within the broad discipline of biology. Biological
Blanche and Gilman Plunkett Biology and Botany Scholarship $900
This scholarship is awarded to a student majoring in biologically-oriented studies with an emphasis in botany.
CaptainU Student-Athlete Scholarship $2,000
Sponsored: This opportunity is offered to current high school athletes for 2023-2024. Only athletes that want to play in college should apply!
Blanche E. Dean Scholarships $500
Financial assistance administered through the Alabama Wildflower Society. Awarded to students who are Alabama residents attending an accredited institution within the state. Applicant must ...
Botany and Plant Pathology Academic Enrichment Endowment Fund Varies
Botany and Plant Pathology Freshman Scholarships $500
Entering freshmen in Department of Botany and Plant Pathology.
Botany and Plant Pathology Junior Scholarship $1000
Junior in Department of Botany and Plant Pathology. Earn at least a 3.00 GPA (4:00 =A) during sophomore year with 60 hours of graded credit. Evidence of interest in a career related to plant
Botany and Plant Pathology Senior Scholarship $1000
Seniors in Department of Botany and Plant Pathology.
Monthly University Scholarships $1,000
Sponsored: Register now for 2025..
Botany and Plant Pathology Sophmore Scholarships $1000
Sophomore in Department of Botany and Plant Pathology.
Botany Book and Scholarship Fund - Botany Varies
This scholarship will be awarded to a student studying botany or biology at the University of Memphis.
Botany Scholarship $200
Scholarship awarded to junior Botany student with an excellent academic record.
Bruno Klinger Memorial Scholarship Varies
Awarded to students that demonstrate academic achievement and financial need. Priority given to a senior majoring in botany. Second choice, a senior biology major with an emphasis in botany.
Burgner Memorial Scholarship $400
Applicant must major in Biological Sciences, Botany, Zoology or Environmental Science.
Monthly University Scholarships $1,000
Sponsored: Open to High School students and adults looking to head back to school, current college students and anyone else looking to attend college or graduate school this year or in 2024.
C. Paul and Beth K. Stocker Scholarship Varies
For freshmen and sophomores majoring in botany, chemistry, computer science, mathematics, physics, zoology or geology. Recipients must show good academic standing, financial need, and ...
C.L. Porter Summer Fellowship in Botany Varies
Awarded to a deserving student majoring in botany or mycology.
C.W.T. Penland & Nyla M. Penland Memorial Scholarship Varies
Awarded to a deserving student majoring in Botany.
California Native Plant Society-Milo Baker Chapter Scholarship Varies
This scholarship is awarded to students majoring in botany or plant science. Contact the scholarship office at Santa Rosa Junior College for more information.
Carrie Lynn Yoder Memorial Scholarship Varies
Deserving graduate student in the Department of Botany in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences; preference given to students focusing on coastal ecology.
Ceres Solutions, LLP Scholarship $2,000
1. Students enrolled in Animal Sciences, Agronomy, Agricultural Economics, Agricultural & Biological Engineering, and Botany and Plant Pathology would be eligible. 2. Students must have a ...
Certainty Scholarship-Botany Varies
Must be a deserving student attending Flathead Valley Community College. Must major in Biology, Botany, or Chemistry.
Charles and Helen Fulton Memorial Fund Varies
To a student majoring in botany and plant pathology.
Charles and Helen Fulton Memorial Fund in Botany Varies
Applicant should demonstrate a 3.5 or better GPA, leadership, research projects, and completed 30 credits of course work by the end of winter application.
Charles E. DePoe Memoial Scholarship Varies
Recipient must be an upper-classman who is pursuing a course of study in botany, ecology or field biology and have a minimum of 28 hours in Biology courses with a minimum of a 3.25 GPA in ...
Charles E. Miller Scholarship/Res Fund Varies
Academic merit is the primary criterion, but financial need also must be demonstrated. Preference given to undergraduates with strong leanings toward a career in teaching or basic research. ...
Chester F. ”Danny” Deaver Scholarship Varies
Open to currently enrolled, meritorious, upperclass or graduate students pursuing degrees in botany or plant sciences at Northern Arizona University. Applications are normally accepted early ...
Christopher Savage Memorial Scholarship Varies
Must be a deserving student attending Flathead Valley Community College.
Clyde and Isabelle Eaton Scholarship Fund varies
This scholarship offers financial assistance to a full-time, upperclass undergraduate in Life Science and Agriculture, who is interested in Animal Science, Plant Biology, or Environmental ...
College of Agriculture and Natural Resources Food Systems Fellowship Varies
Recipients shall be selected from Graduate and Doctoral students engaging in research related to issues on hunger and food systems as a whole. Departments that would be conducting research
Columbus Herb Society Scholarship $1000
Established by the Columbus Herb Society to encourage enthusiasm and education in the areas of horticulture, botany, culinary arts or related areas of study. High school seniors or college ...
Cordell J. Roy Endowed Internship Scholarship Varies
Applicants must be currently enrolled in or admitted to attend a degree program at UVU, with a preference given to applicants with a declared major within UVU's College of Science & ...
David and Frieda Wertman Scholarship Varies
The David and Frieda Wertman Scholarship supports students majoring in either Ecology and Systematic Biology or Biological Sciences and are pursuing an individualized course of study which ...
David C. and Mollie V. Petrie Memorial Scholarship Varies
Awarded annually to especially qualified students at Albertson College, who are pursuing undergraduate degrees in the botanical sciences or other related fields. File a FAFSA and ACI ...
David G. Browning Spartan Scholarship Challenge in Plant Biology Varies
All students who are entering their freshman or sophomore year at MSU and who are eligible to participate in federal need-based financial aid programs will be considered for Scholarships. ...
David L. Walkington Memorial Scholarship $800
This scholarship is open to continuing full-time upper division or graduate students majoring in Biological Science or related fields which emphasize botany, ethnobotany, medicinal plant ...
Dean L. Bates Scholarship-Botany Tuition
Preference to direct descendants of Fremont and Clara Bates. Students majoring in botany at Black Hawk College-East Campus. Available to students receiving no other scholarships. Pays towards
Delbert Swartz Memorial Award Varies
For majors in botany, microbiology, or bacteriology.
Donald Welp Memorial Scholarship $1200-$2000
Applicants should demonstrate leadership and academic achievement.
Donnar Garden Club of Auburn Scholarship $125
This scholarship is for Botany, Environmental Horticulture, Forestry, Agriculture or Land Management majors. Applicants must be enrolled in 10 units at Sierra College spring semester, must ...
Dr. Alfred M. Wolfson Memorial Scholarship Varies
Must major in Biology, preference for Ecology or Botany.
Dr. Frank Hunt Barclay Scholarship Varies
Must major in Botany.
Dr. John Henry Davis, Jr., Graduate Fellowship in Botany Varies
Support graduate students in the Botany major track conducting field work in plant ecology. Fellowship may be used to support travel by graduate students in Botany presenting the findings of ...
Dr. Leo W. Mericle and Dr. Rae Phelps Mericle Memorial Scholarship Varies
Indicate promise of making a professional contribution to the study of genetics of higher plants Demonstration of financial need shall be considered, however, it should not be the primary ...
Dudley Award - Botany varies
Applicant should be involved in research and/or service. Students should intend to pursue graduate work, preferably to the doctorate level. Applicant must major in Biological Sciences, ...
Dwight M. Moore Scholarship Varies
A book scholarship is awarded in the spring semester to a student interested in and having potential in the field of botany.
E. W. Heier Memorial Scholarship Varies
The scholarship is awarded to a full-time student with a demonstrated interest in Botany, and is based on academic merit with preference given to students with financial need.
Ed & Mary Court Scholarship Varies
Established in 1985 by the sons of William Edward Court and Mary Elizabeth Court this scholarship is restricted to students in the field of pomology. Ed Court was in the Davis class of 1929 ...
Edith Emilee MacCoy Prize Varies
To the student who excels in botany.
Edith Fredericks Jones Memorial Fellowship varies
This scholarship is to aid to a graduate student whose professional interest is in trees with emphasis on tree protection, improvement, propagation, or growth physiology. Students majoring ...
Edward V. Goetz Environmental Science Scholarship $1,000
The scholarship is open to graduating high school seniors from a high school in Harford County, Maryland who plan to attend an accredited college, university, or training program in ...
Ernest and Pauline Jaworski Fund for Summer Research Experiment for Undeser Varies
Applicant should demonstrate 3.0 or greater GPA, evidence of economic, social, educational challenges.
Ernest Briick Scholarship Varies
Ernest Briick was a successful orchardist even though he had limited formal education. He valued highly the role of education in agriculture and was an active user of county extension ...
Ernest J. Palmer Memorial Scholarship Varies
Undergraduates and graduate students in the fields of paleontology and systematic botany who are in need of financial assistance to complete their studies.
Ernest L. Stover Scholarship $675
Applicant must major in Botany or Biological Sciences with concentration in Botany. Applicant must demonstrate academic achievement and show promise in teaching or research.
Errett & Mazie Warner Presidential Scholarship varies
Applicant must be majoring in Botany, Educational Admin., English, Biology, Geology, Post Secondary Ed., History, Journalism, Mathematics, Music, Pre-Law, Pre-Med, Physical Education, Library
Errett/Mazie Warner Award in Botany varies
Recipient shall be a person of outstanding character whose actions and conduct reflect with credit upon EIU. Financial need is a consideration. Applicant must major in Botany or Biological ...
Eva and Marvin Womack Scholarship Varies
For entering freshmen who are Texas residents with financial need who are majoring in engineering, biochemistry, biology, botany, chemistry, geological sciences, microbiology, physics, or ...
F.R. Meredith Undergraduate Botany Scholarship $300
A $200-$300 award is available for Botany majors at Humboldt State University, with at least two semesters of coursework remaining to complete degree.
Flowers Scholarship Varies
A scholarship for students in the Department of Biology.
Floyd Schafer, Ph.D. Scholarship - Botany $525
Available to juniors and seniors majoring in botany or biology, who have a 3.00 GPA.
Francenia E. Fisher Scholarship $2500
To provide an annual scholarship to a senior studying biology, specializing in botany. Selection criteria includes: academic performance at the university level, evidence of competence & ...
Friends of the California State Fair Scholarship Varies
Friends of the California State Fair will begin accepting scholarship applications today for the 2015-2016 academic school year. This year, 27 scholarships will be awarded in the following ...
Garden Club of America Scholarship Varies
Must be a deserving student majoring in botany, horticulture, landscape architecture or ecology.
Garden Club of America Scholarships Varies
The Garden Club of America offers scholarships and fellowships for the study of landsacape architecture, horticulture, medicinal botany, ornamental horticulture, tropical botany, endangered ...
Garden Club of Ohio Scholarship $1000
Established to provide financial assistance to Ohio residents who are majoring in horticulture or related fields in college. This program is open to residents of Ohio who are 1) first-year ...
GCA Anne S. Chatham Fellowship in Medicinal Botany $4000
Research grant to encourage study in medicinal botany. More information is available on the web at Open to recent Ph.D. candidates and Ph.D.’s interested in medicinal ...
GCA Awards in Tropical Botany $5500
Grants enable field study for tropical botanists. Open to Ph.D. candidates who will be conducting independent field study in tropical botany. Based on potential to signifacantly contribute to ...
GCA Catherine H. Beattie Fellowship $4000
Research grant to encourage research in plant conservation. More information is available on the web at This grant is for graduate students with a preference for those ...
GCA Summer Scholarship in Field Botany $1500
Financial aid to encourage study in pure botany. More information is available on the web at Available to students following thier undergraduate years or graduate students ...
GCFM Horticulture Scholarship $2500
Established to provide financial assistance to Maine residents who are studying a garden-related in college. This program is open to college juniors, seniors, and graduate students who are ...
Genevieve Teachout Madden Scholarship varies
Preference will be given to Junior and Senior students in Life Sciences and Agriculture and Thompson School of Applied Science in the following programs: Environmental Conservation, ...
George and Cleo Cross Endowed Scholarship $600-$750
Sophomore level and above students with a GPA of 3.0. Completed 30 undergraduate hours during the academic year. Must be a botany or microbiology student. Contact the Botany/Microbiology ...
George L. & Cleo Cross Summer Research Fellowship $2500
Must be a newly recruited graduate student in the Department of Botany & Microbiology; candidates for this award are nominated by Admissions; awardees must be in good standing with the ...
Georgene M. Smith Scholarship Varies
Financing available to a botany, geology or forestry major enrolled at Youngstown State University.
Gladys Manjeot Memorial Endowed Scholarship of District I, Texas Garden Clubs, Inc. Varies
Scholarships are available for upperclassmen majoring in horticulture, floriculture, landscape design, botany, plant pathology, forestry, agronomy, environmental concerns, city planning, land
Glenna DeWitt Osnos Scholarship Varies
Established in 1989 by David M. Osnos, member of the Board of Trustees, in honor of his wife, Glenna DeWitt Osnos. Awarded primarily on merit to an undergraduate student with a ...
Gordon Geeseman Botany Award - Botany varies
This scholarship is for an outstanding junior botanist, and agribusiness student.
Grant H. And Pauline C. Elliott Endowed Scholarship Varies
Award to students who are focusing their studies in the College of Science and Health’s botany and/or chemistry programs.
H.T. Northern Summer Fellowship in Botany Varies
Awarded to a deserving student majoring in Botany.
Harold H. and Gladys I. Hopkins Scholarship $300-$500
Junior, senior or graduate student with a declared major in biology. 1) Academic ability, 2) emphasis in botany or ecology. Contact Chairperson Biological Sciences, Mahematics and Science ...
Harris Benedict Memorial Fund Varies
Partial Awards for Botany Sophomores.
Hawthorn Garden Club of Glen Ellyn Woods Scholarship $500
Scholarship to assist Horticulture student in need of financial aid to attend C.O.D. Applicants must be registered for at least 6 credit hours, may be a part-time or full-time student, but ...
Hazel Simmons Hodges Garden Club Objectives Scholarship $1500
Established to provide financial aid to Florida undergraduate students majoring in designated areas related to gardening. This program is open to Florida residents who are either high school ...
Hedwig T. Kniker Scholarship $1500
Scholarship is administered through the San Antonio Area Foundation. Nominator: Bexar County Scholarship House. Scholarship is renewable. Student must be a graduating senior ...
Herbert A. and Lela Mitchell Berlin Scholarship $1200
Applicants must be full-time Undergraduate students in the following areas of study: Mathematics, Economics, Laboratory Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Zoology, Botany/Microbiology, Social ...
Hoffman Botanical Science Award Varies
Awarded to students attending Illinois Eastern Community Colleges Olney Central College who are current-year graduates of high schools in District #529. Must initiate, conduct and write a ...
Holbrook Island Sanctuary Corporation Scholarship Varies
For a graduating senior who plans to major in natural history, ecology, botany, zoology, ornithology, geology, marine biology, environmental education, teaching, interpretation, park ...
Hugo A. Ferchau Appreciation Scholarship Varies
Full-time freshman enrolled at Western State College of Colorado. GPA of 3.5. Demonstrate interest and capability to pursue studies and/or research in the area of botany and native plant ...
Indiana Certified Crop Adviser Scholarship $1,500
Eligible students include rising freshmen, sophomore, or junior students. For undergraduate students studying in the College of Agriculture from any of the departments of: 1) Agronomy 2) ...
Isabella Aiona Abbott Undergraduate Botany Scholarship Varies
This scholarship is awarded to deserving University of Hawaii at Manoa students majoring in Botany.
James A. Purington Fellowship varies
This scholarship offers one or more awards to Master of Science candidates who have a strong interest in the field of agriculture and who are planning to pursue an occupation concerned with ...
James E. Rodman Botany Scholarship Endowment Varies
Undergraduate major or graduate student selected on the basis of academic achievement, and enrolled in a program of study or research in the plant sciences, broadly construed to include ...
Jeanne Eckert Scholarship $500
Scholarship awarded to a graduating high school senior or college student who has chosen a career in environmental studies, conservation, botany, horticulture, or landscape design. Contact ...
John H. Krenkel Fellowship-Botany Varies
Established by the late John Krenkel, the fund provides fellowship support to ?rst-year students pursuing a degree in mathematics, botany, or management. No application necessary. Awarded by
John Potzger Scholarship varies
This scholarship is awarded to an outstanding student in botany or environmental science.
Julia Hammler Wendell Scholarship Varies
Partial Awards for Botany Students.
Kenneth E. and Donelda Damann Aquatic Acology Award varies
Awards are made annually to one male and female student. Applicant must major in Botany, Chemistry, Environmental Biology, Zoology, Biological Sciences or other fields relating to aquatic ...
Kimball T. Harper Endowed Botany Varies
Candidate must be a full-time UVU student with a minimum 3.0 GPA. This scholarship is for students majoring in Botany in their junior or senior year. If there is not a qualified botany ...
Kleinhans Fellowship for Research in Tropical Non-Timber Forest Products $15000
The Kleinhans Fellowship supports research to better understand and improve the impacts of non-timber forest product (NTFP) harvest and marketing on rural livelihoods and tropical forest ...
Kurt Blum Biology Scholarship Fund $500
To be awarded to a biology major of Sophomore or above standing with an interest in botany.
Labinsky HC & SL Award Varies
Awarded for research in plant genetics
Laughnan, John R Scholarship Varies
Grad student travel to scientific meeting
Leo C. VanderBeek Scholarship Award in Botany $150
Must be a deserving student majoring in Botany.
Leopold Education Project Scholarship Varies
Please go to the website for all the information on this scholarship and also the application. Graduating high school senior or high school graduate who is enrolled or planning to enroll in ...
Les T. Panger Scholarship-Botany Varies
This scholarship is awarded to a deserving student at WIlliston College who is majoring Botany or Science.
Lois Pfeister Scholarship-Botany $750-$1000
All full-time regularly enrolled female graduate students working toward an advanced degree in the life sciences. Preference given to students working toward an advanced degree in Botany and
Lowden Prize in Botany $100
Awarded to the student who achieves the highest standing in the course, 2:001 Introduction to Botany.
Luther Burbank Botany Scholarship Varies
Santa Rosa Junior College awards this scholarship to students who are botany majors. Contact the scholarship office for more information.
Maeystown Sportsmen Scholarship $500
Preference is given to graduates of Waterloo, Columbia, Valmeyer or Gibault high schools. The applicant must be planning to major in Conservation, Wildlife, Fish and Game Management, ...
Marie Selby Botanical Gardens Internships Varies
Internship program provides experience in various aspects of botanical garden operation including development of the grounds and the living collections, scientific research and herbarium ...
Martin and Frances Karsten Biology Scholarship-Botany $2500
Candidates for this scholarship must be Biology majors entering the junior or senior year. Preference will be given to those concentrating in botany.
Martin O. Schahrer Scholarship - Botany varies
Applicant must major in Botany or Chemistry.
Mathematics & Sciences Award $400
Applicant is required to have completed 12 units at SJCC, they must currently be enrolled in a minimum of 12 units, and must have completed 6 units of major course work.. Applicants must ...
Michigan State University Herbarium Endowment Varies
Must be an MSU undergraduate or graduate student, or a student at another institution that is planning to study at the MSU Herbarium, and their research must include a component that is based
Mobay Friends of Richard F. Stroud Memorial Scholarship Program Varies
Recipient must have 3.5 GPA or better in three of the following courses: agricultural entomology, weed control, vertebrate pest control, plant pathology, nematode disease of economic ...
Morgan County Master Gardener Varies
Scholarship is for domestic students enrolled in the college of Agriculture. Recipient is to be a junior or senior undergraduate student in Botany, Horticulture, Agronomy, Soil Science or ...
Natt N. Dodge Scholarship $1000
Awarded to incoming, full-time freshman studying biology, zoology, or botany with interest in conservation and ecology. Prefer student with U.S. National Park Service or U.S Forest Service ...
Nell Goff Memorial Scholarship $1000
Established to provide financial assistance to upper-division and graduate students from Maine who are majoring in garden-related field. This program is open to residents of Maine who are ...
New Hampshire Federation of Garden Clubs Scholarship varies
This scholarship is available to Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors majoring in Plant Biology, Environmental Horticulture, Forestry, Soil Science, Environmental Conservation, Forest Technology,
New Mexico Iris Society Scholarship $600
Continuing student with a major in biology or botany and enrolled at New Mexico State University Main Campus. Contact the College of Arts and Sciences.
New York Botanical Garden Fellowships $15000+
Aid for deserving graduate students wishing to pursue studies in systematic and economic botany at a university in the New York City area. More information is available on the web at ...
Norman A. Good Endowed Student Award Varies
Eligible recipients shall be either undergraduate or graduate students in programs of the Department of Plant Biology. Awards may include scholarships and fellowships, summer Plant Biology, ...
NPA Scholarship - Botany $1,500
Applicant must be a citizen of the United States of America and currently residing in the Pacific Northeast, be pursuing further education in horticulture, botany, landscape design, or ...
Oliver Leonard Memorial Scholarship Varies
This scholarship is restricted to needy students with an interest in botany, or to those majoring in a field of biological science.
Olympic Manor Garden Club Scholarship - Botany Varies
This scholarship will be awarded to aid students who are preparing for a career in horticulture, forestry, botany or other related field. A student’s community service is important as ...
Owen E. Sowerwine Scholarship Varies
Must be a deserving student attending Flathead Valley Community College. Must major in Human Services, Nursing, or Education.
Paradise Garden Club Scholarship $1000
Established by the Paradise Garden Club to support second year, Butte County students pursuing a career in Horticulture, Landscape, or Botony with a minimum 3.0 GPA.
Payson Scholarship Varies
Must be a deserving student majoring in botany.
Peter Jennings Prize Varies
Awarded to students in botany.
Plant Biology TA Award Varies
Nominations from faculty, Teach IB Course, Student in Good Standing
Portland Garden Club Katherine R. Pamplin Scholarship Fund Varies
Applicant should demonstrate research project involving native plant biology and endangered conservation, and environmental effects.
Professor Arthur Blickle Botany Scholarship for Women Varies
Recipient should be a full-time female undergraduate Botany student at the Athens Campus with a GPA of 3.4.
Ralph L. Smith Memorial Scholarship Varies
Awarded to students majoring in agriculture, biology, botany or related majors. Applicants must be in good academic standing.
Ralph McCoy Award Varies
Established by the Beta Beta Beta Biology Club, the award goes to an outstanding senior planning to complete graduate work in Botany. Selection of the recipient is made by Botany faculty ...
Randy Howenstein Memorial Field Research Scholarship $500
Family and friends of Randy Howenstein established this scholarship in his memory to support travel and field research for biology students with an emphasis in botany.
Ray Hatcher Memorial Award Varies
For graduate or undergraduate students (junior standing or above) doing research in botany.
Raymond Underhill Scholarship $250
This scholarship is for Anatomy, Astronomy, Botany, Earth Science, Microbiology, Physiology, Meteorology, Paleontology, Physical Science, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Geology, Zoology, or ...
Retha L. Lincoln Memorial Scholarship - Botany Varies
This scholarship recognizes an outstanding student who plans to major in horticulture, landscaping, botany, plant science or zoology with preference given in that order. Applicants must ...
Richard A. Giles Scholarship-Botany Varies
For Biology majors who have completed a minimum of 8 credit hours of college Biology, 4 of which must be in Botany completed at EMU.
Richard and Louise Reed Agriculture Scholarship $1,000
Incoming Freshmen into the College of Agriculture.
Richard Marvin Memorial Scholarship-Botany Varies
Must be a deserving student majoring in biology, botany, zoology, nursing, or dental hygiene.
Ron Depry Scholarship $500
Awarded to deserving students who wish to pursue careers in Biology, Geology, Botany, Marine Science, Environmental Sciences, Horticulture or Agricultural Sciences. Candidates must be ...
Rose Garden Club Scholarship - Botany Varies
This scholarship is awarded to a student majoring in the field of botany of horticulture at SPC. Freshman applicants must have graduated in the upper 50 percent of their class. Sophomore ...
Ruth and Charles Hoffman Botanical Scholarship Varies
For a full-time student majoring in biology and/or demonstrates an interest in botany/horticulture.
San Diego Floral Association/Roland and Ethel Hoyt Scholarship varies
The award is for a student enrolled in a program related to horticulture. This may be broadly interpreted to include botany, landscape architecture, forestry, nursery practices, ecology, ...
Sonoma County Fish and Wildlife Advisory Board Scholarship $1,500
A $1,500 award is available to sophomores or juniors enrolled in a course of study of botany, zoology, biology, environmental science, marine science, resource management or conservation, or ...
South Texas Unit Scholarships $1,000
To provide financial assistance to Texas students majoring in agronomy, horticulture, botany, or a related field. Applicants must be attending an accredited 4-year college and studying ...
Speairs Assistantship-Botany $1,000
Scholarship awarded to Botany major for use to train in the herbaruim work/field biology. Biological Sciences, Wildlife and Zoology majors are also eligible.
Stephen A. Vavra Fellowships and Grants for Organismal Plant Biology $1,500
The Vavra fund was established to support graduate education in plant and microbial studies. Supportable research using plants could include a wide range of topics such as: physiology, ...
Stuart MacCune Hamilton Scholarship Varies
Awarded to students majoring in Botany with demonstrated financial need
The Merry Fund Scholarship Varies
For a Graduate student who is studying botany.
The Robert J. Woods Scholarship $2,500
College of Agriculture sophomores who have completed 30 hours (28 graded), have a minimum grade point average of 3.50 (A = 4.00), and all grades above a “C.” Past recipients who have ...
TOCA Publishers Scholarship Program $1000
Established to provide financial assistance to undergraduate students preparing for a career in green industry communications. To qualify, students must be majoring or minoring in technical ...
Turlock Garden Club Scholarship $300
This scholarship is awarde to a full-time student concentrating in botany.
USDA/1890 National Scholars Program Varies
To provide financial assistance to high school seniors and graduates interested in majoring in a field related to agriculture or agribusiness at 1 of 17 Historically Black 1890 Land Grant ...
Vectorworks Design Scholarship Varies
The Vectorworks Design Scholarship recognizes students around the world who are pursuing education as a means to build their skills and solve challenging design problems. Students across all ...
Washington State Federation of Garden Clubs Scholarship - Botany $850
This scholarship was established to support a student majoring in horticulture or allied subjects. Any student who is presently a Washington state resident and will be attending college ...
Wayne and Joann Chambers Scholarship $250
Applicant should be a graduate of an Oregon high school, financial need, and demonstrate personal contribution to education expenses.
Wayne Rosing Biology Scholarship-Botany Varies
Scholarship recipient must be of Junior standing. Must be a biology major who has a minor in secondary education, or who has botany as their emphasis area.
Westlake Village Garden Club $1,000
Scholarship awarded to a student accepted at a four-year university or college, and have a GPA of 3.0 or above. Courses of study include: botany, conservation, ecology, entomology, ...
Wilfred William Robbins Scholarship Varies
This scholarship is restricted to students majoring in botany.
William Kreutzer Scholarship $500
Awarded to sophomore, junior, or senior botany majors in good academic standing with a 3.5 GPA. Financial need.
Winona Jordan Undergraduate Scholarship Varies
Junior and senior botany majors who have been students at UF for at least one academic year; must have a minimum GPA of 3.5 in science courses.
Wyatt (Washington County)-Harold Alfred Wyatt Scholarships No. 2 Varies
Aid for deserving graduating high school seniors who intend to enroll at an Oregon college. More information is available on the web at Graduates of western Washington ...
Wyoming Federation of Garden Clubs Scholarship-Botany $500-$3500
Awarded for a resident of Wyoming who is majoring in Horticulture, Floriculture, Landscape Design, Conservation, Forestry, Botany, Agronomy, Plant Pathology, Environmental Control, City ...