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Franklin Pierce University Scholarships

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Name Amount
$1,000 Cappex 2015/2016 College Scholarship: $1,000
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Alumni Association Scholarships Varies
Applicants must be a sophomore, junior, or senior, demonstrate qualities of leadership and citizenship, demonstrate financial need, and be in good academic standing and disciplinary standing.
Apollon P.D. Valakis Scholarship Varies
Recipient of scholarship must have completed a minimum of one full academic year at Franklin Pierce College and be majoring in English, history, philosophy, the physical sciences or the ...
Astmann Family Scholarship Varies
Awarded to a sophomore, junior, or senior who maintains a minimum GPA of 2.0, demonstrates financial need, and who has performed a service to either the home or Franklin Pierce community. ...
Aurelia Simmons Endowed Scholarship Fund Varies
Awarded to deserving students with preference given to minority students.
Bruce Kirsh Scholarship Varies
Awarded to a non-scholarship athlete.
Catherine Crochiere Athletic Scholarship Varies
Applicant must be a woman athlete who demonstrates outstanding achievement in basketball and has a 2.5 GPA, with enrollment at Franklin Pierce College.
Clifford H. Coles Scholarship Varies
Awarded to a junior entering his/her senior year that has been at Franklin Pierce College no less than five semesters, has a 3.0 GPA or better, has shown good character and citizenship, and ...
Dennise Messier Scholarship Varies
Awarded to a junior or senior who has shown talent and leadership in the area of dance and exhibits a strong commitment to community service. Based on merit, but financial need will be ...
Don and Judy Schriefer Scholarship Varies
Awarded to one male and one female athlete who has earned a minimum 3.0 GPA, who shows exceptional leadership and sportsmanship, is respected by coaches and peers, and receives no other ...
Doris G. Alexander Memorial Scholarship Varies
Awarded to a sophomore, junior or senior enrolled in the Honors Program at Franklin Pierce College. Applicants must demonstrate financial need equal to or greater than the value of the award ...
ScholarshipPoints $10,000 Scholarship $10,000
Sponsored: will give away up to $100,000 in scholarships this year.
Emily Flint Scholarship Varies
Applicants must be a woman majoring in the humanities, be entering their sophomore, junior, or senior year, maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better, demonstrate financial need, participate
Eric Jefferson Scholarship Varies
Awarded to a returning junior or senior who has demonstrated strong leadership with the Student Senate. Individuals involved in various clubs and organizations are strongly recommended to ...
Fred Berge Scholarship Fund Varies
Awarded annually to one or more individuals who serve as team managers to one of the Frankin Pierce College’s intercollegiate teams. Recipients must demonstrate financial need and be in good ...
Frederic M. Robbins Memorial Scholarship Varies
Recipient will be chosen yearly by the Natural Sciences Division at Franklin Pierce College. Contact the Financial Aid Office at the College for more information.
Frueauff Scholars Varies
Awarded to students who have exceptional financial need. Recipients chosen at the discretion of the Director of Financial Aid.
$2,000 "No Essay" Scholarship - Niche $2,000
Sponsored: Open to all students and those planning on enrolling within 12 months. The monthly winner will be determined by random drawing.
George and Madeline Hagerty Scholarship Varies
Available to junior or senior students with good academic standing and a record of community service who requires the award to remain at Franklin Pierce College because of new or existing ...
Granite Bank Scholarship Program Varies
Applicants must have high financial need.
Henry Verity Memorial Scholarship Varies
Awarded to a men’s soccer player entering his junior year. Candidates must maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA and be a community leader as well as a team player.
Horace B. Deets Scholarship Varies
Recipients will be chosen from sophomores, juniors, or seniors whose cumulative GPA exceeds 3.0.
Howard Sargent Scholarship Varies
Awarded to deserving students. Contact the Financial Aid Office for more information.
CaptainU Student-Athlete Scholarship $2,000
Sponsored: CaptainU, the leading college sports recruiting platform, is awarding a $2,000 scholarship every quarter to a top student-athlete looking to play at the next level. This opportunity is offered to current HS athletes - Grad Classes 2015-2018. Only Athletes that want to play in College should apply!
Ian Sinclair Memorial Scholarship Varies
Scholarship is provided in memory of Ian Sinclair, and awarded each year by the Natural Science Division of Franklin Pierce College. Contact the Financial Aid Office for more details.
Legacy Scholarship Varies
Any student whose parent(s) or stepparent(s) graduated from Franklin Pierce is eligible to apply.
Marlin Fitzwater Scholarship For Mass Communication Varies
Applications will be accepted from any student who has been admitted to Franklin Pierce College and who has a commitment to a career in Mass Communications.
Mary G. Maybury Memorial Scholarship Varies
Awarded to a female sophomore, junior or senior majoring in humanities at Franklin Pierce College. Applicants must maintain a GPA of 3.2 in their major, and demonstrate a financial need equal
Melissa D. Bisaccia Scholarship Varies
Awarded to a new student who has confronted and overcome challenges in his or her life and has a commitment to community and family and a demonstrated record of achievement in athletics or ...
CollegeWeekLive Monthly $1,000 Scholarship $1,000
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Monadnock Institute Scholarship Program Varies
Awarded to students who have demonstrated an aptitude and commitment to the study of place and are interested in deeping their engagement with place and community in the region.
Patterson Scholarship Varies
Applicants must be business majors, maintain a 2.5 GPA, and demonstrate financial need.
Paul Galkin Memorial Scholarship Varies
Award will be given to a Fine Arts major who has demonstrated financial need and good academic standing.
Peterson Fellows Scholarship Varies
Demonstrate commitment to the Pierce Family through contributions to student life at Franklin Pierce College. Complete the freshman year with a 2.8 and prove financial need.
Peterson Scholarship Varies
Awarded yearly to a student who has demonstrated good citizenship and impressive leadership qualities at Franklin Pierce College. Special consideration will be given to minority students and ...
$1,000 I am Applying Scholarship $1,000
Sponsored: Just tell us that you are Applying for Scholarships. Open to High School Students, adults looking to head back to school, current college students and anyone else looking to attend college or graduate school within 12 months.
Pierce Partner’s Scholarship Program Varies
Awarded to students who have proven themselves to be academic leaders and strong citizens of the Franklin Pierce community and are in need of additional financial assistance to remain ...
Randolph H. Hendler Scholarship Varies
Scholarship is awarded annually to a student in the sophomore or junior class at Franklin Pierce College. Business major who displays scholastic excellence in the field.
Rindge Faculty Federation Scholarship Varies
Awarded to students based on grade point average, financial need, leadership skills, good social standing and other merits that faculty may feel distinguish a particular student.
Robert Alvin Performing Arts Scholarship Varies
Applications will be accepted from any student who has been admitted to Franklin Pierce College and who has an interest in participating in the Performing Arts. Applicants must complete an ...
September 11th Scholarship Varies
Awarded to students whose families were directly affected by the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Students who lost a close family member or whose close family member was disabled ...
Spring Concert Dance Scholarship Varies
Awarded to a student for outstanding contribution to the Dance/Theatre program, exemplified by excellence in performance or choreography that is enhanced by an authentic spirit of ...
Stella S. Fogelman Scholarship Varies
Awarded to a student enrolled in the Honors Program at Pierce.
Taylor Morris Walk Scholarship Fund Varies
Awarded to students who demonstrate the need for assistance to participate in the walk program.